Thursday, October 30, 2008

Welcome to the Greennaissance

The Renaissance was a time when a new paradigm was birthed. Ideas about realities were shifting that would govern and shape the world for the next 500 years. Once again we are in such a time. This time we can be conscious and aware of how we are redefining ourselves as humans and in doing so redefine our relationship to the universe and all things. We can make choices about where we are going and what we want to create. This is a unique and momentous time which will happen with or without our conscious participation. Face it folks, things are changing rapidly and rather than to become Chicken Little running around in fear that the sky is falling let us embrace the opportunity and choose the future we are moving into. We are not helpless pawns at the mercy of the rich and powerful. We are each in our own way important, necessary and capable of adding to the collective vision of what humanity is at this point in time and on into the future. When the Iriquois talk about stewarding the planet so it will still be a beautiful, healthy, sustaining environment for the next 7 generations this is what they mean. The choices we make now, each of us, affects what will be here 7 generations from now. Never before have we really been so aware of this as a collective group of humans. The choices each one of us makes everyday affect the shape of that future.

For me, one major aspect of this paradigm shift, is a change in the way we understand Nature and our relationship to it. I call it behaving as if living systems mattered (borrowing from Machaelle Small Wright who wrote a book entitled Behaving as if the God in all Things Mattered). It is a change in our frame of reference. It’s about seeing that there are living systems that are of critical importance to our survival as a species such as the watersheds, the rain cycles, the systems in the soil, the forest ecosystem, the ocean ecosystem, etc. There are also living systems within us and they are fractal images of each other.

We as humans are living systems of trillions of cells, bacteria, and microbes. We live within a larger living system which is called Nature. Nature exists within a larger living system known as Earth. Earth resides in a larger framework known as the galaxy, and so on. The cells inside our body constitute many levels of living systems. We, as human beings are in a sense a universe to the sub-atomic particles inside us. One of the points of this framework is for us to begin to see that what we do to the environment outside of ourselves we do to the environment inside ourselves as well. Only our skin divides the inside from the outside, or so we think, but actually the skin is not a wall or barrier separating the inside from the outside. Skin is a living system through which things pass in and out all day long like at an airport terminal, and it is part of the bigger system which is our body.

Welcome to the Greenworld. This is the place where there is a dynamic and conscious relationship between multiple levels of beings because in essence they are all part of the Greenworld. Greensong is the energy, the sound, the vibration that runs through all living things. It runs through the geometric structures that make up the components of matter and brings them to life. It is everywhere around us and in us. It runs through all life and connects everything together. It is the voice of the plants transforming sunlight into life force. It is the OM the primordial sound of creation. And it is from this perspective, the interrelated, interdependent, fractal, view of "reality" that my posts in this blog will be framed. I hope you will enjoy the time you spend in the Greenworld, that you will feel your connection to the Greensong and thus to all things and that you will feel inspired to consciously participate in the Greenaissance by commenting and posting here and/or by whatever you think, do and say wherever you are.