Sunday, June 29, 2014

Changes at Greensong Botanicals

After several years of providing hand made herbal body products for sale here, we have decided to change things up!

At the the moment the product descriptions remain here for your information. I am in the process of providing the recipes for all of these products along with links for the raw materials and perhaps this will serve as an inspiration to make your own! The links go to Mountain Rose Herbs a company I have happily been using since the 80's. They have lots of integrity, use local sources as much as possible,otherwise look for organic, fiartrade and ethically wildcrafted suppliers. They contribute to local Eugene culture and economics and are just nice folks. Clicking through on the links takes you to their website and if you happen to buy anything there it also benefits me without costing you anything extra. In the spirit of honesty and transparency I wanted you to know this and in my view it provides a benefit to you, me, Mountain Rose and their suppliers which is the way I like to do business. If all business could be of benefit to all those involved inthe transactions the world would become a very lovely place indeed!

I will be offering a few new herbal items for sale. Also, I have been distilling some Kauai hydrosols made from plants our gardens such as ylang ylang flowers, white sage, lavender and Kaffir lime leaf.

our new labels

Vanilla beans have taken on a larger and primary role in our garden here on Kauai and so extract and beans from our own garden will be available. As well as, vanilla infused perfume and culinary oils which smell amazing.

I have been working on some hand crafted natural perfumes made from vanilla infused oil, of course, some of our own distilled essential oils and hydrosols and from flowers from our garden, such as jasmine, whose fragrances have been captured by an old technique called enfleurage. And finally there will be botanically inspired hand made jewelry to round out the new incarnation of Greensong Botanicals.

One last thing to mention is that I have started teaching again. I have joined Vegan Fusion as a certified vegan chef and I will be teaching teaching several 2-day vegan/raw cooking intensives on Kauai in August, in Oregon in October and possibly in Italy in November. I am also teaching 2 herbal classes in Paris in late October one will be on The Essential Nature of Plants and the other will be more of a hands-on making herbal concoctions and remedies focusing on things for Winter and holidays. You can find more information on these classes on the classes and workshop page.

Thanks for checking us out and for all your support these past years. I look forward to meeting up with you again and sharing with you the beautiful botanical bounty of this garden island of Kauai.